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IT & Computer Science

Information Technology deals with the development, implementation, support, and management of computers and information systems. Information Technology involves working both with hardware (e.g. CPUs, RAM, hard-disks) and software (e.g. operating systems, web browsers, mobile applications).
Computer Science deals with the development and testing of software and software systems. Computer Science involves working with mathematical models, data analysis and security, algorithms, and computational theory.

To Sum it up:

IT professionals make sure that computers, networks, and systems work well, whether they are used by home users, big companies, hospitals, governments, and so on.
Computer scientists are the ones who establish the computational principles that are the basis of all software we are using. Their work is behind data transfers and storage, security standards and encryption, and so on.

IT & Computer Courses


Sr.no. Courses Duration
1 GEMDiploma in Computer Teacher Training(GDCTT) 1YEAR
2 GEMCertificate in Computer Application(GCCA) 6MONTHS
3 GEMCertificate in Tally Package(GCTP) 3MONTHS
4 GEMDIPLOMA in Computerized Financial Accounting(GDCFA) 6MONTHS
5 GEMPostgraduate Diploma in Computer Applications(GPGDCA) 1YEAR
6 GEMDiploma in Computer Application(GDCA) 1YEAR
7 GEMDiploma in Designing and Publishing 1YEAR
8 GEMDiploma in Web Technologies 1YEAR
9 GEMDiploma in Hardware and Networking 1YEAR
10 GEMCertificate in Office Automation And Financial Accounting 6MONTHS
11 GEM Certificate in Web Designing and Multimedia 6MONTHS
12 GEM Certificate in “C” Language 2MONTHS


Sr.no. Courses Duration
13 GEMCertificate in C++ with OOPs 2MONTHS
14 GEMCertificate in PHP with MySQL 3MONTHS
15 GEMCertificate inJAVA 2MONTHS
16 GEMAdvance Diploma In Computer Application (ADCA) 2YEARS
17 GEMAdvance Diploma Computerized in Financial Accounting (ADCFA) 2YEARS
18 GEMCertificate in Financial Accounting 6MONTHS
19 GEMCertificate in AutoCAD 2MONTHS
20 GEM Certificate in Digital Marketing 6MONTHS
21 GEMCertificate In Office Automation (COA) 3MONTHS
23 GEM Certificate in Autocad (Latest Version) 2MONTHS
24 GEMAdvanced Java (Swings, RMI,Corba, Java Beans & Servlets) 6MONTHS