Business management

Business administration (also known as business management) is the administration of a commercial enterprise[1]. It includes all aspects of overseeing and supervising business operations. From the point of view of management and leadership, it also covers fields that include office building administration, accounting, finance, designing, development, quality assurance, data analysis, sales, project management, information-technology management, research and development, and marketing.

Business Management Courses

GEM INDIA Courses Duration
1 GEMDiploma in Business Management 1YEAR
2 GEMCertificate in Business Management 6MONTHS
3 GEMCertificate in Financial Accounting) 3MONTHS
4 GEMDIPLOMA in Financial Accounting (GDCFA) 1YEAR
5 GEMAdvanceDiploma in Business Management 2YEARS
6 GEMCertificare in Business Accounting 6MONTHS
7 GEMCertificate inCapital Markets 6MONTHS
8 GEM Certificate in Digital Marketing 6MONTHS
9 GEM Certificate in Entrepreneurship Skill Development 6MONTHS